24 February 2012

Last week at college

It was mid-point review for the full-timers. Each person brought in a finished work. Before the group discussion, there was time to have a good read -
Then we put each item in turn on the table and spent 10 minutes talking about each work. The maker was not allowed to contribute.

A recipe to share - identical books that include upside-down text -
 A mysterious object and an unreadable (sealed up) book -
 Cut-out clothing from vintage photographs -
 An anthropomorphic object - an uncloseable book -
Wednesday's lecture was by Anne-marie Creamer, whose video of children dancing at a village feast-day was amazing - and to think she just happened upon it, a stop in a train journey, while having a coffee on a balcony above the square -
See more of her work on her website, including the "paper prologue" to the "Meeting the Pied Piper in Brasov" video - and the 7-minute video itself.

Thursday was a quiet, restorative day in the letterpress studio. My typeset "erasure" book is nearing completion.

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