19 July 2012

Art twins

Links to twin artists are at http://pinterest.com/convivia/twin-artists/

Wikipedia lists some "art twins" (all these are men...interestingly...):

  • Os Gêmeos (1974–)
  • Tim (1939-2006) and Greg Hildebrandt (1939–)
  • Masashi and Seishi Kishimoto (1974–) 
  • Moses (1899–1974) and Raphael Soyer (1899–1987)
  • Doug and Mike Starn (1961–)
  • Michael McGlynn and John Mcglynn (1964-)
  • Jerome Witkin and Joel-Peter Witkin (1939-)

  • To redress the balance, some female twin artists:

    the German Schmidt-Heins twins, Barbara and Gabrielle: http://www.sculpture-citynord.de/kue_schmidt_heins.htm

    image and interview here
    the Singh sisters in Liverpool (http://www.singhtwins.co.uk/singhtwins.co.uk/WELCOME.html)
    image from here
    Liesbeth and Angélique Raeven are Dutch anorexic twins who do performance art about their obsessions - "without one another we would die; we can't eat if we are separated"
    http://www.videoportal.sf.tv/video?id=95185e06-c1e1-4867-83de-14b2f0d13898 [in German]
    In 2002 they caused quite a stir, performing in their "thin" state (34 kilo weight) - "freak show" was the reaction - but now they are "normal" (50 kilos).
    image from here
    Identical twins Irina und Marina Fabrizius study in Dusseldorf and work together - on the same paintings. They were born in Kazakhstan in 1990 and live in Germany. Their website is http://www.fabrizius2.de/; article at
    http://www.wz-newsline.de/lokales/duesseldorf/kultur/fabrizius-zwillinge-unzertrennlich-bis-in-die-kunst-1.887338 [in german]

    And also:

    Gert and Uwe Tobias come from Romania and live in Germany  - http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/artists/gert_tobias.htm

    Victor and Vincent Wood, who at age 10 covered the walls of their bedroom with drawings of their sports heros

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    Connie Rose said...

    How bizarre that those Dutch girls use the fact that they're anorexic as a calling card. Disgusting, actually.