16 July 2012

Moan on Monday - "tractors" on buses

It's great that buses are now accessible for people in wheelchairs, and for mothers with kids in prams and pushchairs. But yikes, the size of those pushchairs! not to mention the other clobber that is de rigeur for taking the kids out...........

Even worse, such is the competition for these spots that people in wheelchairs often have to let several buses go by before one has the space free (2 pushchairs = 1 wheelchair; 1 pushchair in place = not enough space for a wheelchair). Does one group have more right, or need, to use the bus than the other?

While we're on the topic of people on buses, it seems that standing just inside the (rear) door is *the* place to be for teenagers on the way home from school (one each side) and/or women (usually it's women rather than men) immersed in their phonecall and totally oblivious of people trying to get past them. What is it about being on the phone that removes someone from the real world?

Oops, maybe that's two moans instead of just one...

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