21 July 2012

This week at college

At the end of last week we had "BookMare", a two-day exhibition in Camberwell Space (with talks by some of the participants). Hundreds of catalogues for BookMare needed folding -
production line
at the end of the day - the professionals
the space is ready...
... for viewing
Later, more catalogue making - our catalogue for the final show. We each supplied 85 copies of a page, and everyone helped with collating and binding. Maya worked out how it all goes together - it looks really good!

Final show planning

Also, this was a week for tutorials - which were held in the exhibition space. The week before, we had a planning session in the space, the tutors armed with maps and thoughts and calmness and patience.
how will we all fit our work into this room?
It seemed that everyone was happy with their allocation - and it seemed that everyone knew more or less what they would be showing. Getting access to the power points, and having ladders on hand that are tall enough, are a couple of the many little problems that are yet to be sorted out.

I'm planning to have three boxes, wood painted white, hanging on the wall, with smaller white-painted boxes within them ... oh, and some work in them too! My allocated space is in the centre of the wall (though, as three people didn't show up at the planning session, this might change, everything might change; hey ho). I taped some paper to the wall to get a sense of what it might look like in the room - the still-very-empty room -
putting work in a different context
After getting my various bits out, and talking about how they relate to each other and -importantly- to how they will be displayed, I find I have a different configuration - most boxes are to be at eye level -
If the stitched piece is to be used, it will have to be quite a bit longer, to go right to the top of the wall. And I won't know whether to use it till the rest of the work is there...so I'm stitching steadily, and trying to remember to use a thimble, after some time off with a throbbing, punctured finger.

Tables are set up in the room and, as the college is empty of BA students, it's possible to go into the space to work. It'll be interesting to develop the work in this studio setting rather than at home. The different context makes you look at it differently....

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