25 July 2012

Yesterday at college

The exhibition space is still largely empty, so we thought it would be a good idea to have a pot-luck lunch -
A close-up of the food -
perhaps a preponderance of paper plates
... savouries from China, Japan, Korea, Portugal, America. Sweets from England, America, Canada. 

Afterwards I had a little problem to resolve. My catalogue pages consist of black paper with a grey underside, the white rubber-stamped words, and the red thread, running centrally to the words and the page.  The thread was carefully glued down at the edges of the paper. The catalogue is held together with fasteners at three places - which means a hole has been punched centrally, and has cut the thread, leaving it loose (and sometimes dangling) - something I didn't notice till about half the catalogues had been bound. I was able to fix the unbound pages by taping down the end that would be concealed in the spine, but about 50 copies had already been put together, so a different plan was needed.
loose now - dangling later?
Time for Plan B ....  A red dot wouldn't look out of place if it peeked out from the spine, but how to get it into that tight space? Finally I hit on the idea of using the corner of the waxy sheet that the dots came on - it would "carry" the dot and thread as far into the spine as possible. Closing the book and pressing down meant the dot would stick to the page - which is shiny and slippery; fingers crossed it stays! Holding down the pages allowed the slippery sheet to be withdrawn -
a tool for application in tight places
not quite what I had in mind, but it will have to do
The afternoon turned into a long chatting session ... so I didn't get to any of those exhibitions listed so hopefully yesterday. Since then I've remembered the "power and allure" exhibition at Goldsmith's Hall ends this week...

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Jane Housham said...

A good solution, I think -- and even looks as though it was originally intended to be like that.

Lunch looks great too.