10 July 2012

Mohair ball

It started with cones of mohair found in a charity shop. 
 Black at the centre, then layers loosely and/or tightly wound -
 to make a beautiful smooth pink fluffy light sphere -
 covered in non-fluffy yarn and soaked with pva glue. Then, the surgery -
 scalpel and scissors. Brutal -
Mohair is not the best material. I find the "surgery" photos distressing. This doesn't seem to be the way forward with these balls. Think again (think: knitting...two beautiful light fluffy jumpers...later...)

There are other possibilities to try with the "memory balls". I have a little list.

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Francesca Young said...

Try felting it? Wool alone would go completely solid but some added objects might mesh with the wool and be held in place. You could also create a hollow form: felt wool/threads around a firm round object, eg tennis ball, golf ball, then carefully cut around the circumference of the felted form and peel away from the inner ball. Then you could add something inside the empty shell.