02 July 2012

Quilt retreat

The long-anticipated weekend at Alston Hall with CQ definitely did not disappoint. I brought along the "red repair" to finish
and had visions of stitching, stitching, stitching on The Journey to the Studio, but got only this much done (about 3 hours' work):
The reason? Something better came up! Sally-Ann brought a box of scraps and some cones of weaver's yarn.
Returning from a morning walk

I started to make a "memory ball", more of which later. Pauses for meals, and coffee in the conservatory, all took up time that could have been spent stitching...
The eight of us in the retreat session worked away on our projects
and  The Three Margarets  got up to some late-night-studio madness -
Elsewhere, the others were enjoying Sheila Smith's session on using their embellishers, and at the end we had a look round at their work -
A good time was had by all, I should think.

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