11 July 2012


Almost there with the edition of "Seepage" - 10 copies are now sewn and awaiting their sleeves (rather than covers). At the top is an earlier version with a prototype sleeve, into which you slip the book from the side.

The version that didn't work looks like this - envelope-style -
What did work was printing the "colophon" information on the back so that it showed through once the book was removed, yet was a little difficult to read.

Something that was important was for the way the book was printed to be replicated in the reading - in other words, the use of the top and bottom of the piece of type (the letter and the blank) can be seen when the page is turned and the words that appeared on the previous page are overlain on the dark area that had been the blank bits of type -
Hopefully I can typeset and print the sleeves for the books tomorrow, and assemble them - and it will be done, finito, fertig - ready.

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