03 April 2013

"A small good thing"

This call for participants is something anyone can join in with -

A Small, Good Thing
Those who follow our book antics will know that each year a group of us collaborates on a book-related event for World Book Night. This year’s World Book Night falls on Tuesday 23rd April 2013.

Our tribute this year is to 
Raymond Carver’s collection of stories Cathedral (1983), some of which were used as the basis for Robert Altman’s film Short Cuts (1993). In particular we have chosen the story A Small, Good Thing (http://astoryeveryday.com/2011/10/13/raymond-carver-a-small-good-thing/) as the starting point for this year’s collaboration.

Would you like to join us? If so, please do a small, good thing. Using a black marker pen, write what it was on a sheet of white paper (A4 or US letter). Write your name on the back in pencil, and post it (you can fold it up) to:
Sarah Bodman
UWE Bristol
Kennel Lodge Road

Or, scan the page and send it as a print quality PDF via Dropbox/fileshare to:  Sarah.Bodman@uwe.ac.uk

All contributions must be received by midnight on 22nd April. On 
World Book Night we will make a video in the style of the original film clip for Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues, using your small, good things. It will be as long or short as the contributions we receive. We will also make a book soonish afterwards and share it as a free download, DIY print and assemble PDF file, or possibly print a book, we’ll see.

Which raises the question ... what would "a small good thing" be - ??

At first glance -
small = ordinary, everyday, transient, quick (unnoticeable?)
good = pleasant for someone else (perhaps not pleasant for oneself?) OR adding to the well-being of the world

What do you think? (Answers on a sheet of A4...)

This sort of challenge makes you notice the little things you are doing anyway, and wonder what to do as well, or, instead...

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