20 April 2013

Moon bag

When I saw the "moon bag" (here is the pattern and tutorial) I thought the round bit might be a pocket on the front. It's not, but "next time" I'll make it as a pocket, stiffened. And add straps.

The aim was a make-up bag, but it turned out larger than I expected. I was in a hurry - and my scraps of wadding weren't iron-on adhesive, so I had to quilt them in. And then there wasn't enough grey lining fabric, so I had to add a (brightly coloured) piece at the bottom.

I tried using bits of bondaweb to position the zipper before stitching, as in the tutorial, but it didn't work too well, first time. Will try that technique again.

And I added a tab at the closed end of the zip - something to hold on to while pulling the zip closed - which isn't terribly easy as the zip goes up over that hump. Finding a zip that was long enough in my recycled collection wasn't easy (better too long than too short!) and really, having a longer zip in the bag would be better for reaching into it.

This is what I saw that enticed me to make it -

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