11 April 2013

Transport Museum shop

The shop at London Transport Museum has an interesting (enticing!) range of items. Here are some that didn't come home with me, though I was tempted -
1930s houses in the snow
Animals on the tube map
Penguin mugs - and tea towels
Monopoly tea towels - and mugs
The snowy mugs come from the poster on the left, which was in the London Transport poster sale last year -
whatever the weather...

1 comment:

beatrice De said...

The Irish tea towels always been original ! When in London, have done aprons with them. Selling to the hotel's guess, as a souvenir of London. A card say * créé et réalisé par une décoratrice Suisse, vivant à Londres* I had the permission to use the sewing machine of the hotel I was working to.

But it cost me lot of money to buy the towels in shops. So I decide to try to buy them, all-sell. Went to the office in carnabi street... still remember after all those years. The man there where so astonish with my création, he ask me if I woulds mind to came to Ireland and work for them ! Tu parles !!!

I had done aswell, sacs for the launderette. I had sell some in the *market * along the fence in Hide park, as Bernard's ceramics before we came to Spain and met you there.
What a story !