28 April 2013

Decorative darning

 Blogging on the grrrripad is, I find, uncongenial. For  start, typing on the smooth screen isn't as automatic as on a conventional keyboard (thanks to good training and lots of practice, I'm a fast touch-typist) -but the main problem is getting photos onto the blog. The choice seems to be of those already on the blog.... which is kinda ingesting [automatic spelling, don'tcha love it] interesting because it brings up things you've already forgotten about. So, here's a blast from the past, the recent past... a sample from the hand embroidery course a couple of months ago, darning stitch.

This stitch is so intense and time-consuming! Some artists, like Hilary Hollingsworth [sorry, no link - toooo difficult on the grrripad], use a lot of darning stitch, and my admiration goes out to them. There are wonderful things we see  in others' work that arouse no desire to emulate them, and for me, darning stitch is just such a thing.
When it comes to practical darning, however ... that's a different story. A well-darned heel, a rescued sock - or foiling the moths by filling in the holes they have made - gives me great pleasure, trivial though it may seem in this throw-away age. Or maybe these times are not so disposable after all. It's good to know how to darn, whether decoratively or practically; there is pleasure to be had from it.

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Celia said...

I know what you mean about blogging on an iPad. As a quick but clumsy typist, I make more mistakes than on a keyboard, and autocorrect drove me mad until I turned it off.

I have been using an app called 'Posts' to write my posts, which is better than using Blogger but not a patch on Livewriter. When all else fails I have to revert to the desktop.