01 April 2013

Moan on Monday - google's new "compose"

I had a little rant a few days ago, when this "New Message" box appeared on the corner of my screen -
Was it broke? Why have they "fixed" it?
Spent quite a lot of time being upset about this positional change (and the "clutter" of seeing your inbox in the background) - and when I analysed why it was so bad to have to compose an email in the corner of the screen, rather than in the middle (as before), it turned out that there's a reflection from the window just there, that usually I can tune out because I'm not working/reading right there.

The box can't be moved - or if it can, I'd like to know how!

So I decided this was silly and who needs to know anyway - if you can't let Google know about it, what's the point of ranting? [Next Moan on Monday: Why can't we give Google feedback....] So I cleaned up the desk area so as to be able to move the computer slsightly and get rid of the reflection. Then I went away for a few days.

At least the Reply box stays in the middle of the screen (but I'm a bit anxious that they might want to "fix" that too....)

Thus the workaround is ... to write a new message: reply to any email, deleting the content, editing the subject (which now takes two clicks instead of just one), and making sure it's going to the right recipient(s).

A lot of bother, but the box is in the middle of the screen.

It sorta works. But now the Compose facility really is broke. I hope somehow they find out, and fix it better this time.

Meanwhile I probably won't email people unless they contact me first.

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Celia Stanley said...

I do agree with you. Why do they have to fix something that didn't need fixing!