18 April 2013

Up my street - end of an era

It's sad to see the demise of Chez Liline, the Mauritian fish restaurant that has been going since before I moved to this area - thirty years ago. Hopefully the fishmonger, France Fresh Fish, will keep going. Meanwhile a street trader sets out his wares daily in front of the post office and shop - he was also using the space in front of Chez Liline as soon as it closed, but now workmen have moved in to convert it to a Kebab Palace.

What the street really needs is not more kebabs, but a decent baker!

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Jane Housham said...

Oh no, not Chez Liline. I know it as I used to live up the road and passed it every day on the bus. I always used to feel guilty as I never ate there. Too late to rectify that now.