15 April 2013

Bookwrap bonanza

This weekend's sewing session converted a number of "old bits" into bookwraps to fit a spiral-bound A7 sketchbook. I used one to make a template by folding a sheet of scrap paper to the right size -
The hole in the centre is for getting the spine in the right place.

These bookwraps have pockets into which the covers of the book slip -
and the edges are done with my favourite binding, the narrow binding (cut fabric 1 3/4" wide, fold in half, sew to front, turn to back, "stitch in the ditch", and hey presto it's done). I'm almost happy with the closures of these - most are bias strips of the binding/pocket fabric, sewn onto the back along with the binding.

 Some time ago I started a series of small pieces with white fabric above and black below, including a rectangle of "something". Turned sideways, were large enough for trimming down -
Perhaps there's a critical-mass effect at work -- at last I'm getting comfortable with making these. Many more "samples" ripe for conversion lurk in the bags and boxes I'm gradually going through...  Here are a couple more -

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Linda Bilsborrow said...

Love the marks on the extreme bottom right bookwrap!