07 May 2013

Another "olive" JQ

"Olives in the sky with diamonds"
This journal quilt took a couple of hours to do - and really I should have spent longer on it, instead of rushing.

For one thing, position the elements and leave to sit overnight - reconsider in the morning! Not just the angles of the olives, but also the angle of the Little Dipper, could be improved.

For another, use silver thread for the diamonds, for better contrast against the already-busy background. And if the diamonds are meant to be stars, make them different sizes.

And then - consider the colour of background.

And also - do those blobs at all resemble olives?? (You may well ask, what are olives doing in the sky...)

Still, it's done, and it's been a learning experience. Back to the drawing board ...

1 comment:

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes, those blobs are very recognizable as olives, but because of their size, I missed that the arrangement was the big dipper. I see your point on all your critiques. It is good to work small sometimes just so you CAN see where you could have done better, and then do better on the next round - not so much invested.