18 May 2013

Sewing kits, beta version

Unlike the Binders Keepers, the outside fabric is usually one piece, and usually commercial fabric (sometimes even "new" fabric!). The inside bits are salvaged scraps or recycled fabric. I've made it a rule to incorporate some of my own screenprinted fabric.

My aim is not to buy any new fabric - "shop the stash" - and what wonderful things I'm finding, especially among the screenprints. Plus, I have given myself permission to use anything and everything.

These So-So Sew&Sews were made a few days ago and it's interesting to see them afresh. The middle one feels too flimsy - next time, add another layer - but furnishing fabric works just fine. The bottom pockets (which extend behind the side pockets) work best as vertical stripes, but one shouldn't rule out other possibilities.  Can the side pockets be linen rather than wool - I see them as places to put pins and needles, would those come loose if stuck into linen, and in that case, could the flap be wool (and still accommodate the secret pocket underneath)?

The ties seem to have settled into an optimal length, and I like the weight of the bead at its end - but need more big, heavy beads with big holes. As for the ribbon - it's tricky to get the right one, in fact there's no "one" that will suit all situations.

Each has a minimum of nine pieces of fabric, a ribbon, a bead, a button loop, and a button - lots of choices to be made!

These will be available at the Open Studio, June 22-23. Eventually I'll put instructions on margaretcooter.co.uk.

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Connie Rose said...

How much will you be selling these for, and the Binders Keepers? Just curious. Seems like a lot of work at whatever price you'll get.