22 May 2013

Drawing class, week 4 - visual rhythm

My view of this week's still life.  Which area to choose?
(Keep your eye on the duck...)
The demo was done on my piece of paper - maybe
because last week I didn't have any rubbed out marks?
Also I rubbed out the first area I chose
After check of relationships with the help of the handle of the paintbrush,
the objects at top  right moved further right, which also
made for a better visual rhythm
A bit of doodling in an "empty" part of the paper
while waiting to move on to the next step
More "looking" at an object outside "my" area
(then rubbed out, of course)
The demo of the next step - adding ink washes to the
darkest areas
After four or five washes, each gradually darker, the drawing
achieves a different quality
Although the effort isn't visible in the drawing - despite all the scrubbed-out lines! - I worked hard at getting objects in the right relation to each other. It's the angles of things that defeat me; ah well, practice, practice, practice - it's all in the looking, especially in the looking again.

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Monica B said...

Thank you for sharing the practice. I'll be taking a drawing class in a few weeks, and really hope it loosens me up, as well as seeing inspiration in the ordinary.