15 May 2013

Sunday on Regent Street

Sometimes Regent Street gets closed to traffic for some event or other. Last weekend it was "The World on Regent Street" - a bit thinly populated in terms of exhibitors, perhaps, but leaving space to walk around. (And they brought in special benches for a bit of a sit-down - nice touch!)

Buses get diverted, and from the diverted No.6 (heading to Piccadilly Circus via Shaftesbury Avenue, quite a diversion) we saw a group of pearly kings and queens wandering off in the other direction -
Later, on the street itself, quite a mixture -
Caribbean indians?
New York comes to London
Pulled noodles, what a skill
Pink frills to give a little girl a thrill
Great place for publicity photos
Indian dancing drew a large crowd, and the baby especially enjoyed it

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