13 May 2013

Maybe ... not ...

CQ has a challenge entitled Horizons. I've been thinking of entering, and come up with "a technique" -
and a design -
(working title: River of Days)
I thought to do the background in neutrals, in stitch-and-flip rows, and sorted through my fabrics for (recycled) linens, nice to handstitch on -
Having found some congenial backing, I cut it to size, and laid out fabrics to get an idea of the flow of colours -
After looking at it and thinking about it for a while, I decided to abandon this project, not to take part in the challenge.

The size required - 150cm x 50cm, is simply too large. Until it was laid out, I couldn't imagine it - almost as tall as me, and rather wider. Also, the range of fabrics is too great, colour-wise. Most of all, I don't want to piece, I want to stitch....

But I like the "burning horizon" - as seen from the train as I travelled back from Norwich -
and I would love to do a lot of stitching onto linen, in a long narrrow(ish) format - maximum size about 90cm x 40cm.

Perhaps this "horizon" quilt will happen one day.

It was definitely a bonus to come across these damasks, dyed years ago with a Procion black -
They tempt me to get going on this idea ... but other things are more urgent just now. (All the more reason to start??)


Julie said...

I think the size is too large too Margaret and was equally alarmed when I actually confronted it in fabric. I am going to try and do something for it but it will involve failry large pieces of fabric. If I don't get it done in time it will become my entry for the Art Quilt group at Festival.

lisette said...

usually lots of other more urgent things to do is enough of a spur to make me do something creative :)

it's a beautiful sunset - and those striking yet blurred verticals....