30 May 2013

Poetry Thursday - listen to a poem by Ros Barber

Got a minute? - or is there something that you "should" be doing?

Take a minute to go  here  and listen to "How to Leave the World that Worships Should" by Ros Barber.

Actually you might want to listen twice. Well worth taking the time for it.

It starts: "Let faxes butter-curl on dusty shelves" and ends not in tears, but in waves upon the shore.

(The "illustrated" youtube version (link not given) is less satisfactory than hearing the author read it - the imposed visual images conflict with those the poem evokes, and the voice reading is less clear. Even seeing the poem written out (here for instance) gets in the way, now that I've absorbed it aurally. How was it for you??)


Sandy said...

I enjoyed that! thanks.

lisette said...

fantastic! I love the images of the sky and sea - just wonderful.

I must admit I'm very good at ignoring telephones :)

The Idaho Beauty said...

I clicked on the voice only version which immediately led me to closing my eyes and being carried away by the imagery. By poem's end when she says "breath" I was in a totally different, better place than when it started. Yes, thanks - it was wonderful for me.