09 May 2013

Shoe storage

The downstairs hall, which is narrow enough already (80cm), is often littered with kicked-off shoes. Not a serious problem (not like having two bikes in the hall!) but disturbing to the tidy mind.

Also, my own shoe collection gathers dust in the bedroom -
An internet search for shoe storage solutions found some alarmingly huge shoe collections, with equally huge cupboards to keep them in, but also some suggestions for smaller spaces. First, the hallway -
A narrow hall, but tidy and bright
This type of shelving could be installed above the radiator (the door is sheer luxury)
Very 1970s, very flat-to-the-wall, very boring ... but hey, I can make it myself
Now this is FUN - could you make this out of wire coat hangers?
Aha, someone has used wire coat hangers - these could go on pegs on the wall
Now, the bedroom - those once-capacious cupboards are full of fabrics and papers in bags and boxes. One possibility is a rack on the back of the doors; another (which won't need the attention of the Resident Carpenter, who is often busy elsewhere) is to purchase a few of those see-through shoe boxes -
Hmm, which one....?


:Diane said...

I would avoid nose level storage for obvious reasons...

Linda Bilsborrow said...

Not boxes, too many steps - lid off shoes out, lid back on again and reverse!
I thought your photo of shoes on the floor was a clever hanging system - a line of hooks with a shoe on each, an idea I rather like for it's simplicity!