03 December 2013

Aide memoire, Oct-Nov exhibitions

Stage Curtain by Makiko Kudo (seen at Saatchi Gallery)
Even though my thoughts and doings have been mainly home-based recently, there have been a certain number of visits to cultural events, mainly art and/or museums. The good intentions of sitting down the next morning to revisit them via putting up pictures on the blog, chasing up things noted in the ubiquitous black notebook, thinking about the experience, writing some sort of critical analysis ... all too often come to nought ....

It's the exhibitions or encounters that have been most interesting, raised the most questions, called up links to other things, that don't get written about - it would take "too long" to do them justice ... and they don't get started ....

So I've set the timer for 15 minutes and am whizzing through the notebook to make a list of the missing exhibitions from the past couple of months, in reverse chronological order, with hope of revisiting at least some through my photos and notes.
-Peter Dormer lecture, Royal College of Art - Martina Margetts on "History in the Making"
-Paul Klee at Tate Modern
-Body Language and New Order: British Art Today at Saatchi Gallery (click the links to see installation views, ie the entire show)
-new rotunda at Tate Britain
Tessa Farmer's strange little insects - a prize winner at Discerning Eye
-Discerning Eye at Mall Galleries
-Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall
-Society of Wildlife Artists, Mall Galleries (the sorts of pictures people like to buy)
-Ana Mendieta at Hayward Gallery (disturbing)
-Dayanita Singh at Hayward Gallery (ah those gorgeous "portable museums" for photos)
-Adrian Vilar Rojos at the new Serpentine (loose bricks to walk on, lovely sound)
Portrait busts by Jacob Epstein
-Epstein busts at National Portrait Gallery (a 3D view of the famous)
-Stanley Spencer's murals for Sandham Chapel at Somerset House (based on his WWI experiences)
-Australia at Royal Academy (big!)

Not that I'm frantically trying to catch up. The blog is what it is, there is no pressure to include everything (in fact, some things are best left out). "You are not behind." But the timer has pinged some time ago, it's time to stop.

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