18 December 2013

Art I like - Herbert Zangs

Recently the Mayor Gallery had an exhibition of the cloth pieces of Herbert Zangs - I missed it (heard about it here) and fortunately the gallery had an overview on its website -
as well as more examples of Zangs' work (mayorgallery.com/Herbert-Zangs/). A quick image search finds an overview of his work (click image to enlarge) -

What of the artist himself? His dates are 1924-2003; born in Krefeld, he studied at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf along with Gunter Grass (starting in 1945). The colour white is essential to his work. A trip to Paris in 1951 was decisive for his art - but he worked in isolation as he spoke no French. It wasn't till the 1970s that he found a place in the French art scene. He has been called "atypical and original in his epoch". "Throughout his five-decade-long career, Zangs embraced intuitive spontaneity and placed value on the creative act rather than the final product. Working at a small-scale, using cardboard, paper, fabric, and white paint, Zangs’s monochromatic work has an off-hand aesthetic that still seems challenging today" says this brief biography.

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