22 December 2013

Gift of the Sleep Fairies

Waking with a vivid image of yellow, red, violet, orange crocheted forms shaped rather like pinecones, rather like chilli peppers, I stumbled to the studio to capture the vision -
It gets transformed in the translation, of course. Looking for paint, I found a neglected pack of delicious waxy crayons
unused for perhaps 15 years - they surfaced from the back of a drawer when I cleared my desk at work, and promptly were buried in the studio.

A search for suitable crochet yarn found … not much …
and hooks too large. So that won't happen today. In the "other studio" I have lots of fine crochet cotton, not in the chosen colours but a useful neutral which can then be painted - rather than having to fiddle with lots of threads of different colours that get in each others' way.

Inspiration? The colours of the new xmas lights -

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