31 December 2013

Pootling about in the studio

A bit of this'n'that at the end of the year...
reknitting half-dropped stitches
(with double strands of very fine yarn, it's easy to miss one)
experimenting with couching, and (re)inventing a knotted stitch
messing about with polymer clay ... clumsily ...
following on from another "gift of the sleep fairies"
playing with graphite, ink and wax resist
keeping an eye on the changing light in the tree
And soon it will be time to pootle about ... in 2014 ...

Happy pootling, everyone!

(Linked to Off the Wall Friday)


LA Paylor said...

ahh you living the creative life!
If I dropped a stitch on that piece of knitting, I'd have to throw it away and start over!
The couching is intriguing.
LeeAnna Paylor

Linda Cline said...

Your pootling looks like serious fun! Would love to see what became of the graphite, ink, and wax project. Is it part of something larger, or are you just playing?