16 December 2013

Monday miscellany

An art suite in Sweden's Ice Hotel - see more here

“I have been to hell and back. And let me tell you, it was wonderful.” - Louise Bourgeois

Factoid:  In the United States, an additional 5 million tons of waste are generated over the Christmas gift-giving period; four million tons of this is wrapping paper and shopping bags. [And the rest is ...??]

It's a wrap!

Another quote: It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. -John Wooden, basketball coach


"Clothes are imprinted with stories and memories of the things that happened to us when we wore them and when you shake out that Ossie Clark, or feel the knock of the pennies you stitched into the hem of your circular skirt, doesn't it all come back? The stories in "new" vintage clothes may not be your stories but you can make them your own. And don't fall into thinking that vintage is just dressing "secondhand", it isn't. ... it's important to remind yourself that if something smells of mothballs it's because it's been loved and cared for." Vintage clothes are full of stories, says this article about a recent book on the subject.

Vintage transport - looking gorgeous

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