30 December 2013

Back to the colour dictionary

The painted dictionary has been lying on the corner of the table for weeks, awaiting photography of certain pages. Awaiting, also, a cohesive idea….

Meanwhile here are some snaps of page ranges, showing one of the headwords and bits of the colours they ended up as. (The captions list the colours added to the previous page to make the new colour.) The combination of headword + added colour will make colour names … but the colour they "define" won't actually be the colour you expect (if that makes sense?) 
(399 naples yellow; 401 yellow; 403 yellow; 405 yellow;
407 yellow + emerald; 409 emerald; 411 emerald)
 This results in names like Egregious Yellow and Emplacement Emerald ...
(473 payne's grey; 475 yellow light hanse; 477 yellow; 479 titanium white;
481 payne's grey; 483 mixing white+ payne's grey)
… First Grey and Fizgig Yellow ...
(651 ultramarine+red oxide; 653 red oxide; 655 red oxide;
657 titanium white; 659  mixing white; 661 naples yellow)
… Insult Red and Intersidereal White.

Are these strange names - which have arisen by chance - all that far away from those chosen by the paint companies from the efforts of focus groups - names like Coastal Glow ... Lunar Falls (both off-white); Sunflower Symphony ... Sulphur Springs ... Sunburst symphony (brown shading to yellow); Atmosphere ... Favourite China (greyish paleish blues) - those are from Dulux. Farrow & Ball has some wonderful - and so historic! - names: Pointing ... Clunch ... Ringwold Ground ... Cornforth White ... Lamp Room Grey ... Picture Gallery Red ... Eating Room red ... Hound Lemon ... Churlish Green ...
Each with it own name!

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irene macwilliam said...

I know of a well known embroiderer who once said "I would love to name colours", I was so fascinated by this that I tend to think of her when I hear people, especially in craft videos reeling off the colours of the sprays, paints,inks etc they are using.