02 December 2013

Monday miscellany

Winter windows, Peter Jones, Sloane Square.
Turkeys made of towels! Rabbits made of vacuum cleaners!

Have you heard of Cicada3301? It's a tale of embedded codes and false clues. Read about this internet mystery here ... marvel at the amazing contents of people's brains, both decoders and encoders ... and wonder "Why?".

Cottoning up is part of London cabbies' learning "the knowledge" - pins are stuck in a map at random and a thread put between them, to test knowledge of the route from one to the other.

UCL (University College London) has its own museums, including some I'd not heard of till checking the websit(ucl.ac.uk/museums) - and there's a general UCL museums blog -

First there was dark matter, now there's the "darknet” – the vast, murky portion of the internet that cannot be indexed by standard search engines. Estimated to be 5,000 times larger that the "surface" web, it’s in these recesses where you’ll find human-trafficking rings, black market drug markets and terrorist networks.

Is this the museum/gallery of the future?
Interesting to see that Tate Britain, among all its recent refurbishment, renovation, remodelling, has provided not just a shelf with books related to the exhibition for browsing, but also a row of screens with selected videos. And chairs - there are precious few places to sit in the galleries.

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