19 February 2014

Clearing the decks, a bit

With only four weeks to go till the HOFS book fair on 15 March - or rather, less than four weeks to go! - it's time to get on with some book-related making.
I'll be taking the little clay books, and Binders Keepers ... but find my stock of the latter is seriously depleted. Or else there's a dozen or so lurking in "a safe place", resistant to being found ... in any case, more are needed.
Before I left the house yesterday morning, the studio was ready for action. Shortly after I ran the errands and got back home, production was in full flow, with fabric and ribbon decisions being made for several BK at once -
It's the decisions that take the time - the sewing is quite routine by now. With Radio 4 purring away in the background, the great danger is of being caught up in a programme and not realising that work has stopped....


Living to work - working to live said...

I so know what you mean about Radio 4!!

Connie Rose said...

Love your new edition of ceramic books!