28 February 2014

Textiles into ceramics - what came out of the kiln

At the last session of the textiles-into-ceramics class, some items were glazed and needed firing, and some had been dipped into porcelain slip and needed firing. Now they've been fired, and collected ... and here they are.

looking very fragile in the sand tray

some of it survived, and you can see the stitching

before dipping in porcelain slip (next time, use thicker slip?)
These are "clay books" in the sense that they're folded from one sheet of paper. Either string or skewers was used to keep them from flopping when dipped into the slip -

the dark marks are from screen-printing the paper with  black slip before
painting the folded form with porcelain slip

another close-up - showing the string

thicker string was used on this one

the skewers - as well as the paper - have burnt away
The porcelain books - much more solid, and about 3" (8cm) high - some with glazed "covers", all with unique numbers -
"velvet black" glaze, fired to stoneware
This book is about 15cm (6") high and is quite solid - pages have been patterned with stitched fabrics -

Many of these will be going (at some risk!) to the book fair on 15 March.

I hope to make more of the folded forms sometime.


Sandy said...

I like the lacy effect of the slip 'puddle' after firing.

Will you leave the remainder of the sticks and string?

Connie Rose said...

These are fabulous. I love the fragility of the first ones.

Vicki Miller said...

I love the ones with the black slip. They look so organic. Great stuff!