16 February 2014

More stitched faces

Amazing, how many approaches there are to stitching faces, or making them out of fabric - and how many, very different, outcomes.
Sampling, by Gina Ferrari (via)
Self-portrait, by Julie Mackinder
"Emmy" by Laura Pierce (rug hooking) 
Alice Beasley has many portrait quilts on her website (from saqa e-news)
embroidery by Audrey Walker (via)
goldwork and shading (via)
by Deidre Scherer (via)
by Georgie Meadows (via)
Sophie Strong was trained as a sculptor but now works in machine embroidery (via)

The next three were in the "Pricked: extreme embroidery" exhibition (and book) in 2007-8, so they're a bit more ...adventurous... than you might find comfortable -
Morwenna Catt's stuffed toys have resurfaced in unsettling forms over the years
Kate Kretz embroiders with hair - her own or friends'
Maria E Pineres uses needlepoint - here, to stitch "mug shots"
of celebrities (of the time) who have been arrested

A couple that I find skillful but outside my own aspiration -
quilting on fabric faces can be tricky (via)
a da Vinci angel - in blackwork? (via)
To end with, some machine-stitched faces on old envelopes I did years ago (from photographs of friends ... oh dear ...) - the postmarks say 1995 -
Agonised looks apart, they were quite a departure for me, even then ... an idea that came out of nowhere. Each is done in one continuous line of stitching - which doesn't mean the machine was going continuously - there were definitely stops and starts to check the photo and to start breathing again.

(The previous post about stitched faces is here.)

Update - couldn't resist adding an example of the work of Ulva Ugerup - see more on the QuilteQunstnerne website -

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Julie said...

A huge variety in the techniques and effects produced in all these works Margaret. Thank you for including my work in your examples.