03 February 2014

Textiles into ceramics - day 3

This is what's come out of the kiln so far, along with some dubious "plaques" with lots of holes round the edge, for filling with lots of loops of wire -
 The "two-page books" will be bound together with wire loops too.

New last week: two books of thin clay pages... the slab-sheets are joined at the "spine" - the clay was kept apart by layers of newspaper, which have been turned to white, crumbly ash and will be removed -
 Lined up in a row -
 And the day's task - to see what happens when the paper is dipped in slip -
It unfolds itself, that's what happens! The weight of the clay and fluidity of the water deform the careful placement of folds. So for the second attempt, a string is used to help structure the piece -
It still flops, but is easier to put back into the desired shape -
 They've been put in a tray of sand and await firing.
And this is where, halfway through the day, the memory card was full. Although my camera still takes pictures, it has a blank screen, so I didn't know that had happened. Screenprinting with slip was one thing I did, and then painted the folded shapes with porcelain slip (will the darker colour show through?). Some of the chunky books have been glazed and there are two more "floppy books" going in the kiln. Fingers crossed.

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LA Paylor said...

whoa! Really mixed media!

Heather P said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing your process!