01 February 2014

"Museum labyrinth" again

Starting with the thought that the folded, cut, stitched papers looked like a map - and wondering how to integrate the abstract idea with the real V&A - I used some stamps cut from erasers to develop a map/path on a largeish bit of stiffish paper, then decided it needed stitching (can't remember why this seemed a good idea - to be able to punch it out of the paper and leave a nice edge? or maybe to cut it out and leave the stitching round the edge?). Here it is from the back - revealing a closed-off section, a sort of unreachable atrium -
Held up to the light - you can see the outlining along with overlapping stamps and the stubby mazey additions, and there are two distinct places where the stamping didn't follow the plan ... leading to fresh thoughts about layout of the "map", indeed about how it could be constructed along this plan of overlapping things, and how it might fold up if this were done ...
This isn't strictly on-grid and will be awkward to fold neatly. Perhaps the folding should happen first and the printing afterward.

Blind-stitching (without thread) and display on a light box might be components...

Always so much more to investigate - hoping for the moment of "click" when it feels right.

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