14 February 2014

Textiles into ceramics - day 4

Things that came out of the kiln at the last class -
Glazed plaque (very subtle!) and "leafy book" fired to stoneware
Two more leafy books, porcelain
Clay books with grey and black glaze
Folded papers dipped in porcelain slip - they're very fragile (and/or broken in transport)
Things that went into the kiln and will be collected later -
Trying to make folded paper rigid - alas, forgot to photograph the (bendy) result
once it was dipped in porcelain slip
New use for an unwanted book - stitching into a grid of holes
The stitched book was part dipped, part painted
Grey and black glaze on the book covers and pages
Transparent white glaze on these
Fingers crossed for the outcome, especially of the dipped pieces ... and better wrapping up when taking them home.

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Plum Cox said...

They are fabulous! What an interesting collection of work you are producing.

Vicki Miller said...

they are beautiful! I am really enjoying seen your process

Norma Schlager said...

I know nothing about ceramics, but I do know that these are beautiful.

Connie Rose said...

Very cool! You know I love your ceramic books!