22 February 2014

Snow fences, real and imagined

They appear in short bursts and clusters in areas prone to drifting -
The old ones are wood; the newer ones harsher, metal -
Other types of prairie fences are buck fences and barbwire fences, but those don't do much to stop snow drift.

My February journal quilt is titled Snow Fences - but the title is an afterthought. Or rather, a midway-thought, helping to shape something new out of something old -
The blue and white (you have to look hard for the white) hand embroidery is from a larger, longer piece that was abandoned goodness knows when. But it was just the right height for a High Horizon - needed just some machined quilting lines and some dry grass poking out of the snow. And some of those wispy prairie clouds.


casilda garcĂ­a archilla said...

Very beutiful and interesting, Margaret. What about stone fences?. Thank you, my dear

Connie Rose said...

Love your landscape quilt!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Nice composition, simple yet compelling. I like it!

Vicki Miller said...

I love the journal quilt and the inspiration for it!