24 June 2014

Degree shows - Chelsea fine arts and textiles

A whistle-stop look-round the Chelsea show, before attending "an event" there last week. (This week, the Royal College of Art show is on my to-see list, along with New Designers.)
Marie Kaus's painting nicely represents its situation

Stitched textiles - in resin - by Estee Gledhill

Cross-stitch taken to new lengths and depths - Niamh Cunningham

Khaitee Mills - work rooted in "Nan's hair"

Imam B's scarves/snoods - I see them as a cloud of "dust" capturing jewels

Chloe Griffin - new uses for denim

Emily Buckman's "sensory textiles", wonderful textures

Only after taking the photo did I realize the fascination of the scene - the setting looks
like the loom that the scarves (sorry, maker not noted) were woven on

Found art, floor art

The even was Richard di Marco talking about his encounters with Joseph Beuys

...followed by drinks in The Green Room, which has a terrible acoustic

... with its high ceilings etc.  Nice view of the river, though, and over the fireplace, an early painting by Chris Ofilli

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Stitchinscience said...

Hi Margaret, I took a photo of exactly the same "floor art' piece when I was there last week!