08 June 2014

For the library

I'm thrilled that my quilt "Hatching" is in Linda Seward's new book - appropriately, for an ex-librarian, on the bibliography page -
"The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting" becomes available on 7 July, and Linda will be giving a lecture on what was involved in putting it together, and signing copies, at the Festival of Quilts
It's a comprehensive guide to the techniques that art quilters use, as you can see from the table of contents (click to enlarge) -
Illustrations and succinct descriptions (carefully thought out) provide enough information to get going with the technique, and the bibliography gives books that go into the topic in more detail.
Throughout there are many alluring photos of art quilts from both sides of the Atlantic -
 Sandy has a thorough review of the book on her blog (sandysnowden.blogspot.co.uk).

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Sandy said...

thanks for the link through Margaret. It is a great book, isn't it?