25 June 2014

Large sketchbook class - week 7

One evening instead of watching the football I spent a happy time working on the sketchbook, adding lines and shapes here and there, and painting the back of the "template" page in hopes that the colour would reflect onto the white paper beneath. It does, to some extent, when the page is turned -
Mostly it shows through the thin photocopy paper  -
To try to prevent blobs appearing I closed the holes with masking tape and tried out this improvised technique on an "unwanted" photocopy, which is currently on a blank page -
and used the painting idea again on another photocopy (its imagery extended to fill the page during my football-avoidance session) -
by painting on the back of the previous page. The pages will be glued together and the painting will be hidden, apart from the glimpses of colour -
The additional pages fold out to give three-page spreads and four-page spreads. They make the sketchbook into a labyrinth of sorts. Or is it a landscape with changing vistas? Or simply ... a playground.

These images from the Museum of Childhood - shadows and reflections through and behind perspex plinths -
are "sister images" to the flaps cut through a page, which were based on the plinths in the cast court. I'd intended to work with the dark and light rectangles on new pages, but got carried away by other things in class - painting the page of stuck-down "bits" white, for instance, and cutting further flaps in an earlier page, which folds out and then folds back on itself -

 The pieces of masking tape, reused after the painting of the template page, might migrate to the "white" pages, which hold shapes cut when a newspaper was used as a cutting mat. Possibilities that result from accidents - creative potential...  The masking tape on the page that was painted black was re-used on the page that already had some tape. I still have several "negative" pages from which shapes have been cut - they might be useful...

The cut-through pages make lovely shadows as they are turned -
Developments in some of the other sketchbooks -

(Earlier posts: week 1, weeks 2&3, week 4, weeks 5&6; two more classes to come, by which the sketchbook could or should be full.)

(This post is part of Off the Wall Friday.)

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