20 June 2014

Fabric and other leftovers

What to do with these UFOs?
From a printmaking course at London College of Printing in 1999. Motifs are based
on characters from Xu Bing's "Book from the Sky"

Needlepoint based on a greetings card, late 90s

Blending yarn colours is certainly different from mixing paint!

Meant to be part of the "barcode series"
(it needs some of the blue fabric to the left of the vertical strip of stripes)

Silk purse from a sow's ear? No way embroidery will rescue this felt...

...but on the back, a painterly passage (and some moth holes)

Journal quilts from 2008, back from some exhibition or other

Potential cushion cover, made in Bob Adams' discharge workshop, 2007
(I never did put pix from that on the blog ... maybe the other fabrics will turn up)

Scraps for a "Modern Quilt" -  offered free to a good home...

Meant to be a 12" square journal quilt - wool and velvet, and going nowhere

A sample for Hatching quilt


Olga Norris said...

My local hospice shop snapped up UFO needlepoints I had, especially as I provided the wool/thread too. Apparently they went as soon as they arrived! I sometimes wonder if they are still UFOs but in other cupboards.

magsramsay said...

I use my samples for testing stitches and paints - sometimes after several layers they end up quite interesting (or not..) Maybe a swap with someone else ufo's?I've just taken a couple to Sandown to the QG stand as donations as 'UnfiniSHED'
Then there's chopping up and rearranging - I used up a lot for 'bookwraps'.

reensstitcher said...

I too have some needlepoint UFOs. They are modern, small and from NZ. My latest idea is to incorporate them with fabric into a sort of 'family history' project along with photos I plan to scan and a few pieces of my mother's table linen. A sort of quilter's autobiography rather than trying to write about my early life. However it is a winter project - I can't bear being inside for long when the weather is like this.