02 June 2014

Monday miscellany

Jenny Hearn, "Reflections of Summer"
Franki Kohler, "Sunflower Scrap II"
Two quilts from the SAQA art quilt news mail-out - one pretty ... the other, personally preferable. My own need to make something "pretty" seems to have evaporated, thank goodness; perhaps the sombre painting has knocked it on the head, or perhaps I've totally lost aesthetic judgment (hope not).


"Suffolk Landscape with Train" 1937
An artist new to me, Graham Bell. Several of his paintings are in the Kenneth Clark: Looking for Civilisation show at Tate Britain. Born in South Africa, Bell (1910-1943) was a founder member of the Euston Road School, and for several years in the 1930s abandoned painting for journalism. He joined the RAF and was killed on a training flight.


Street art - somewhere in London. Also, the disposition of street furniture adds greatly to the picture.


"Narratives make sense of the world but they do not necessarily reflect the world as it is." Professor Hugh Cunningham, in his lecture "What's happened to childhood"


"Peep Show" by Janet Crosby (Inspired By The V&A, 2004)

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reensstitcher said...

Like the Graham Bell. I wonder if he worked in East Anglia. I feel a connection as I had an uncle who was killed on an RAF training flight near St Neots - flying a Lancaster on his own. We have only found out the details recently.