27 June 2014

Seen at Sotheby's

Going, going, gone at the Modern and Impressionist Art sale, 24 June ... which brought in a sale total of £23,177,550 (if you're interested in those sorts of numbers).

Sotheby's comprehensive website has auction results and, via the listing for the auction, catalogues of current and previous sales, with lots of clicking options and information - as well as a gallery of current and past exhibitions. Many of these works will disappear, or have already, into bank vaults, so it's wonderful to be able to browse through them with just a few clicks.

I was interested in the framing as well as the works themselves. 
Casino de Nice by Raoul Dufy, c.1930
Dufy made many images of the casino

Drawings by Henry Moore

A  gorgeous Kandinsky (title etc not noted)

Dunes by Lyonel Feininger, 1949
It previously came up for sale in 2008

Maurice de Vlaminck, Les bateaux de voile a Poissy, 1909

Max Ernst, Configuration, 1974

Joan Miro, drawing for Ubu Roi, c.1953
Wax crayon, brush, ink ... and you can just about see the collage

A luminous Chagall, Coq rouge dans la nuit, 1944
It sold for £1.87m

Paul Klee, Blumen-Pfannen I, 1939

An "achrome" by Piero Manzoni  (kaolin on sewn canvas)
My favourite of the day - cloth covered with clay!

A little monotype by Oskar Schlemmer

L'ecole maternelle, 1954, by Tsuguharu Foujita
The print catalogue for this sale is available at sothebys.com/pdf/2014/L14007/index.html, to be clicked through page by page. Here's an example of what you'll see -

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