02 May 2015

A stitchy pastime

Spot the neon orange!
In odd moments - watching tv or youtube, during travel - and using simple means (running stitch), more ruched pieces are on the go. Once the "design" is done, they are mindless to make ... or rather, the work of the hand frees the mind to think. My favourite time to work on them is first thing in the morning in the company of BBC iPlayer, catching up with a Book of the Week or an episode of In Our Time, The Life Scientific, or some other gem from Radio 4.

The next one has been "designed" - bits of fabric laid out and thread colours chosen -
The neon pink simply doesn't photograph well...
Once a few are ready, I'll pull the threads and steam the gathered clumps. These are 6" wide so that they have a chance to become journal quilts. If my fascination with this simple technique continues, I'll be thinking about how to develop larger structures.

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