23 May 2015

On yer bike!

Bikeworks, "the not for profit bike shop" in Bethnal Green, offers cycle training at Olympic Park, so off I went earlier this week, on a rainy, windy, 'orrible day, to somewhere I'd never been to do something I hadn't done for years. It didn't start well - off the Overground at Hackney Wick and heading in the wrong direction. Going in the right direction involved going past places like this - all part of the vibrant East London art scene -
 Nearer the park, a completely different landscape ... of nothingness ...
Along the road verges, some beautiful meadow-scapes  -
and what delight to see the plantings in the park, currently crowded with those big daisies, lots of tall purple alliums - well there was no time to stop and list them all, pink flowers and yellow ones, and in some places, huge scarlet poppies being whipped about by the wind, holding on to their petals. And hillsides of orange poppies, tumbling down to the canal/river.

The park was understandably empty, given the wet and windyness. Never mind, it was great. Along miles of paths we rode, and eventually the rain stopped. There wasn't much time to take photos, but during a short pause I caught some typical scenery (or lack of it) -
and one of the others was kind enough to take a photo of me -
Bikeworks provided bikes (and three wheelers, including a recumbent) and helmets. Thank you, Bikeworks!


M Dow said...

Margaret, you can also learn for free if you live, work or study in Westminster (City Lit) here - http://www.cycleconfident.com/courses/group/

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh Margaret ... You GO girl!