20 May 2015

"Elements" evolution

Moving on from benday dots, "Elements of visual perception" benefitted from insights obtained through some research on visual perception itself, especially the structure of the eye.

Dots still appear, thanks to the discovery of some sheer fabric with ersatz sequins; used on the reverse, they add "interest" (or tension?) - well, they break the monotony! And, they reference "floaters" ...
first mock-up, stripes of colour underneath organza
The "elements" are now the squares (pixels?) of colour, harking to the cone cells, which perceive one colour each - red or blue or green. And there are about 20 times as many rod cells - light or dark - for which the overlap of squares will provide various shades of grey.

The fabric is organza, mostly silk; the edges of the squares are cut as straight as possible, but some unravelling may occur over the life of the quilt ... which fits in with natural decay, ageing, of vision.

So I'm happy with the concept, and hope the piece can be made to look ... what ... interesting, inviting, exciting?
playing around some more - flashes of colour (and fewer dots)
As for the quilt part - layers joined by stitch - that's a background, now with lines of hand quilting (red, green, blue) and guide lines of machining onto which strips of squares will be placed. Under them, in the central section (like in the eye), some strips of colour -
Another mock-up - grey round the edges and colourful in the middle, is the idea -
Seeing it in a photo, and thinking about it as I write, is so helpful. Even so, I'm not sure whether this is at the "full steam ahead" stage, or whether there's an elusive "something else" that needs to be considered.

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