27 May 2015

Drowning in fabric

The past few days have seen a flurry of curtain making - not my favourite sewing activity. Even though my sewing space is fairly large, there has somehow never been enough room for laying out the fabric and being able to pin things easily.

Most were "medium-sized" curtains, or rather, curtains for medium-sized windows, but one curtain was a door curtain -
The fabric for that, and its matching window curtains, came from an end-of-roll sale at a local upholsterer, total cost £10 - the curtains used every inch, and have false hems. Cost of lining, ruffling tape, hooks - £38. Time taken - 10 hours (includes conversion of Ikea loop-top pair). Job satisfaction - 5/10.

My tips for curtain making -
- clear as much space as you can, and sweep the floor
- pick up threads as you go ... or the curtains will ...
- set up the ironing board next to your machine, and use it to support the fabric
- measure twice before cutting (ie, measure both edges)
- measure the windows yourself if at all possible
- pin up hems and put curtains on the rail to check the length before machining them
- check that lining hems don't droop below the curtain hem
- preferably use a steam iron that doesn't leak

and - if in doubt, buy an extra metre of ruffling tape. I'm half a metre short, and must go back for more. 


Plum Cox said...

Well done for putting in the ten hours to get them done - probably my least favourite sewing job too - so hard to 'manage' all the fabric, isn't it? Hope that you are pleased with them when you hang them!

patty a. said...

I know what a job this can be. I learned how to make custom draperies at a shop I worked at for 6 months. Yes, a big space does help a lot! I once made draperies and sheers for an entire house by myself - I will never do that again! I do make my own for my house and I have an 8' x 8' table I use for making my quilts which comes in handy for drapes. The last drapes I made were for my daughter-in-law. Someone gave me some drapes and took them apart, put in new lining, and custom fit them for her living room.