20 May 2015

"Chelsea" time

It's Chelsea Flower Show week. I loved this photo of a fine display of potatoes -
It came via the Guardian's daily email news offering; more pix of highlights of the show are here.

This year I have my own garden, at the front, and on the way out or in often spend a few minutes just looking at the plants, thinking of nothing.  Tiny and constrained as this oasis is, it gives me immense pleasure to see the plants settling in, growing, and flowering. The aim is to have "something nice" year round, and attract insects (beside a busy road!). 

In the first of what I hope will become an annual series of photos, here is Garden136, May 2015 -
Thyme in flower; mexican daisy looking very tiny; coralbells settling in; silene looking gorgeous;
geum trying to root; parsley, rosemary, lavender doing well

Geranium loving its new lease of life; phlox almost finished flowering; violas about to bloom;
more lavender; a purple-leaved hebe; parsley setting seed;
ornamental grass ; camomile ... and zinnia seeds coming up

Clematis montana; a tiny honeysuckle; winter-flowering jasmine, also tiny;
perennial wallflowers for next year; a pot of petunias (the other pots to be sorted);
forget-me-nots almost over, about to self-seed; violets, hidden;
camomile; more zinnia seedlings ... and the stones are to deter foxes doing more digging

Osmanthus filling in the hedge; deadnettle and cyclamen under the box hedge;
more ornamental grass
The "flame" euphorbia, planted in the corner near the ivy, arrived as the tiniest thing, maybe an inch high - it had grown to six inches, but the stem has snapped - foxes?? 


Anonymous said...

Your little garden is a lovely welcome for you to come home to. So sad about the euphoria. My problem/joy in the garden is the squirrels. They nest in my tall trees and feast on my green tomatoes. Sigh. I sprinkle black pepper but evidently that just whets their appetite. I do love to watch them cavorting and circling the tree trunks just out of reach of my dog.

The Idaho Beauty said...

It's a lovely little space & I know just the feeling it gives you. I have various sizes of containers on my back deck that I delight in replenishing each spring ( No year round options in this cold clime). They are a splash of color I can enjoy if having my lunch or reading or doing handwork out on the deck & are also visible from inside. It doesn't take much to enhance our lives.