27 August 2016

A batch of JQs, almost ready

The deadline for submission of (photos of) journal quilts to the CQ yahoo site is fast approaching, so I settled down in the garden with snippets of the requisite colours, and threads, and the pieces of paper that replace the cloth top layer in my series. But there's still cloth, black with torn edges, for the backing. All hand stitched -
When it got dark, I moved indoors, and snacked and listened to the Proms (Mozart's Requiem) while stitching -
One more to go ... and I have two ideas. Trying to keep the making time to under two hours.

The paper is "found" or recycled - for instance, the lettering is a printout of a photo of a piece made in response to one of the modules of the Extended Drawing course, and the others are enlarged photocopies of non-digital photos of trees taken in February 2000 in Epping Forest. Somehow these came from a contact sheet ... I can't remember how we did that. It's good to be able to use them and remember that day in the forest, a walk led by Peter Cattrell when Tony was doing a photo course at Central St Martins; I was allowed to tag along and took some photos of "rivers of sky" between the lacy trees ... where are they now....

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