09 August 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Docklands Museum

The splendid cargo basket called out to me, but proved to be difficult to (a) see and (b) get close enough to, in a drawing position, to be able to see it better -
There were enticing shadows, though....
 So I tried to capture some shadows, using water-soluble crayon, only to find the waterbrush wasn't working well. It turned out to need refilling! Plan B, at the bottom of the page, was to draw around the shadow-shapes, and I went on to do a page of small renditions of various shadows, for which I have "plans".
My two approaches to shadows

Najlaa's red door

Mags' hooks and other implements

Janet found some lifeboat equipment
Joyce's barrels

Sue was in danger of getting lost among the spokes
 Tool of the week - Joyce has several Rotring Art Pens, with different colours of ink -
A review/comparison of these pens is here, and the company's website is here. As for how to use it - this snippet of a video will get you started.

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Charlton Stitcher said...

Your drawn shadow outlines are lovely. Definitely promising. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.