02 August 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Serpentine

At Serpentine Sackler was the Etel Adnan show. I was about to settle on the floor, against the wall, when a helpful assistant offered me a stool - how nice! I had hoped to capture the colours each of these simple paintings - she often uses paint straight from the tube - but matching the colours from the 24 pencils in my Laurentian set proved quite complex, and I didn't even get to the end of the top row -

 Others had more sensible projects.
Jo used her new brush pen on the ever-moving subject of water birds

Najlaa took inspirating from Adnan's artists books incorporating poetry
 Sue had been to two of the summer houses inspired by the 18th century temple nearby -
Janet, however, had been swimming! She did fit in a 5-minute drawing (sorry about the camera shadow) -

Tool of the week - Jo's new ink-filled, refillable, brush -

I so enjoyed using the pencil crayons that, on getting home, I found more of Adnan's paintings online -
(Sometimes the entire areas aren't filled in, to remind me of the layering of colours.)

At one point I discovered a brand-new set of aquarelle pencils among my shelves and boxes, but couldn't bear to start using the pristine beauties, so it was back to the Laurentians -
This deliberately "unfinished" drawing, on the same scale, was added to the page later -
I'm liking that meshwork of lines.

btw the Laurentian pencil crayons - made in Canada - were later called Laurentien, and discontinued in 2012/13. As well as the 24-crayon plastic pouch, which lived at the back of my desk drawer at work for years, I have a large set, currently inaccessible in my studio at the flat. I love their smooth waxiness and will be taking good care of them, so they outlast me. Might mention them in my will??

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